Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Sometimes when really good art speaks to you, it could be that you have somehow previously entertained some part of the thought the artist is expressing.  Maybe you've dismissed it, or maybe couldn't get to the bottom of that thought yourself.  Then someone makes something, and you see it, and then the same cluster of ideas all rush back a little more complete than they were before, but all the more mysterious because what you've found is part of someone else's brain.  Good artists do that.  Good friends do that too.

Katelyn and I just drove from the Appalachians to the Sonoran Desert this week, and outside the windows I saw pieces of America I might have dismissed.  But after living with my friend Shane Darwent, there's no way I could miss this one.

He's in New York, but has a show in New Orleans right now with some other friends.  If you're nearby, definitely go.

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