Monday, November 19, 2012

Bike with no name

It can get pretty easy to obsess over a mode of transportation.  Think of all the bicycle nerds you know.  The ones who order screws and pedals on the internet, or get ransomed in the Trek store for the astronomical price of a digital speedometer and a few ounces of lycra.  Or recall the high school years when everyone was saving up their drug money to buy body kits for Mitsubishi Eclipses and Honda CRXes.  Maybe it's four-figure tire sets for your jacked-up truck.  Maybe your Escalade has chrome spinners and a blacked out headlights and neon underneath.  Somehow, transportation becomes more than just a truck or a bike or rollerblades or whatever.

Anyway, point is, there will be no snide down-my-nose-looking upon those pastimes.  Because Katelyn and I spent about a hundred years finishing this motorcycle that encapsulates a hugely deceptive amount of internet goods and unnumbered hours of toil.  It goes pretty fast.  Looks very cool (especially when she's on it), sounds great, and is pretty satisfyingly functional.  Maybe it's a little more than a motorcycle, but since we were mostly trying to come up with ways to get rid of things that usually come on a motorcycle, it's actually considerably less than the bike it used to be.  They called that one the 1980 CB650 Custom at the factory.  This one still hasn't earned a name yet.  Probably since '2012 Honda Bloodsweatandtears 650' is a bit much to say.

I'll post video proof that it exists when I'm happy with the edit.  Which will probably take as long as the bike did.  Maybe by then she'll have a name for it.


  1. Luke! What a pipe-wrap and avon tire free joy of minimalism your nameless and shameless creation looks to be. Looking forward to the vimeo presentation. Did the green bubble turn up state-side??