Monday, January 9, 2012

High Line

January's Geographic had a story from Allard and Quammen, two greats.  Can't really think of a better combo for a piece about such an arcane part of the American West.  Untouchably good work.

I also enjoyed some nostalgia.  The green bus rode that high line one summer digging for dinosaurs.  From Sewanee via Albuquerque and Potter's West to the badlands north of Jordan and the Twitchell ranch - walking in circles searching for artifacts and nothingness under so much sky can make you an addict for life.  This was the Museum of the Rockies field camp with my well-beaten trail from the mess tent.  The bus is in my shop in Chattanooga now.  Finding photos like this makes me both desperate and hopeful while I think about what it will take to make her gallop again.

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