Sunday, December 4, 2011


It might be December, but here in cragistan we don't worry about that.  Sure, on a shining 62 degree day just weeks from the solstice, you could expect the rocks to be crowded.  Earth has 7 billion people, and half of them were probably at Foster Falls yesterday.  But don't forget that Chattanooga is made of cliffs - there's no shortage.  Trees leafless and shivered from the night frost bask in solar wind.  Light blasts down on what seems more and more like the surface of one sweet world.  On Lookout Mesa, The Refuge is just waiting for some love from Wurzel while he raps in.  It's the east-facing limb of a noble syncline exposing one hundred feet of pure sandy butter.  By the time you clip the anchors on Earthling, there might not be anyone else on the planet.

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  1. Nice. I think you've finally found the tshirt design for the forestry and geology club '07.