Friday, October 7, 2011


Leaves like solar panels make laden vines.  This year was great for muscadines, scuppernongs, fox grapes and their ingenious corollaries - jelly, juice, wine, cordial, and grapa.  Every autumn in Tennessee these puppies start to drop off all over the forest, primates plucking away, drunken bees swirling around as Ann says.  Here's her recipe for juice and jelly.  My Dad's classic grape brews have been circling campfires for years, Mom's jelly rainbow is in full bloom and Kelsey's first run of grapa is already famous.  Muscadines always mean fall, the waning sacrament, the prolonged delicious last rites of summer.      

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  1. I'm famous! What an honor it is to be (as we say in Sequatchie Cove) "winked" up to the likes of you.