Friday, August 12, 2011

The cutting room floor

It often happens that you can't use everything you shoot, even if it's cool.  For the last few days I've been editing backwards.  In this sequence, water is doing all the wrong things.  The eye can catch a lot in a miniscule amount of time - droplets flowing in reverse trigger a kind of alternate reality.  Like being in love at a secret swimming hole.  We shot a couple playing in the creek, but I need to end up with a non-provocative version of events.  I sure don't remember conducting many innocent creekwalks for two, but hey.  Sometimes the best way to find the right feel is to go all the way in one direction and try to pull back from there.  I decided to first do an edit of a hotter, maybe more memorable part of the trip, then axe it with the de-sexing delete key.  Shuffled a bit, I think the second one is a tighter edit. You sure hate to lose the mojo though.  See if you can spot the changes.

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