Thursday, May 26, 2011

Volkswagen Group.

German engineering for everyone.  They have about 30 factories pumping out 7.2 million cars a year stamped with 10 different brands including Lamborghini and Bentley.  The only thing more eerily impressive than the engineering in these vehicles is the social engineering used to create them.  We just lucked into a seat for the grand opening ceremony of the only North American VW plant.  An enormous theatrical production in itself.  The plant is controlled now, along with a large segment of our local economy, by a classic Wilsonian example of a Superorganism.  This guy is the queen ant.

Dad, brother and me just dragged a '77 bus into my garage.  I'm helping a friend shop for another one in an hour.  But it is the Superorganisms that will probably last.

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