Monday, October 11, 2010


It might be hard to see him, but he's there.  The urban night owl, hanging in the husk of a tree overlooking Chattanooga.  Feel like one myself this evening.  Seems like cities get more interesting at night - everything happening is highlighted by absent familiar things that aren't.  Suddenly the land is transformed, the city floats into context, focused by its own alien light.  The northshore goes all Marty Stouffer.  That owl swooped down to assert the waning of the year on some helpless rodent.  Tonight I got a load of crannies and nooks on the river's industrial bend.  We're squatting cool in the flood plain of a flowing highway.  Such a two-way imprint, people and place.  There's so much urban exploration to be done - how did I ever forget?  Two wheels get you closer.

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