Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Conditions are Perfect

Going to Fiordland is all about watching the weather. New Zealanders are the most weather wise people I've ever met. It's like being at sea, only your boat is a giant canoe made of mountains. It pays to know when you'll be blasted by the next dose of roaring forties. Right now though, it's looking good.
Every morning, D.o.C. Te Anau broadcasts weather updates and relays news from team to team in the backcountry. It's like witnessing the birth of DJs and Anchormen. 'Butterboxes' can work like telephones to ring the chopper when clouds pack in. The long thin wire antenna is an appropriately delicate link to the rest of the world.

Hannah Edmonds, Doc Ranger, north side Mt. Lady of the Snows, NZ

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