Monday, October 26, 2009

Surf wannabes

Just because it was nice outside, we tried it with the $2 boogie board. Whatever, fair weather doesn't keep little poofs of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current at bay. To me, this is cold. Hypothermic. Awesome. Richard and I have started a jar that gets fed pocket change every time one of us successfully walks past a coffee shop without buying a freaking latte. Anyone else want to donate to the wetsuit fund? Please send check, money order, cash, coupons, gift vouchers, US Savings Bonds, shares of APPL or cookies to :

The Ruins
392 Taieri Mouth Road
Kuri Bush
Dunedin 9091

Brighton Bight, South Island, New Zealand

1 comment:

  1. put me in for $1.98 U.S. That's how much It saves me at ATL when I walk on by. (Of course, that's with the employee discount.)