Thursday, May 29, 2008


Headed up to Lake Khovskol for a little while. Have fishing on my mind. It's Baikal's little brother, pretty close. Here's an article about the big one for your edification, thanks to undinecerelia.

Getting into this ex-russian jeepy van thing that I covet very much. If I could just get those knobby tires on the bus, I think they could put me on the next plane to mars. Anyway, a dude named Mooschovood or something like that is renting out the whole backseat to my companions and I. Right on.

here's a photo that isn't mine.

Might be out of touch for a couple weeks.


  1. Hey that thing looks a lot like the Sherpa that we drove around in NZ do you remember it?

  2. So...are you back in the States yet? Coming soon?

    By the way, fancy coming to Detroit in October? I'll be around for a week.