Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Dad at Work

Calvin Padgett is a carpenter.
It's about 6:17 am, so that means he is probably brewing up some Folgers and warming up the truck. Both my parents have worked hard all my life to make sure my brother and I had every chance. When it's cold outside, Dad goes to work. When it's raining, he goes to work. When it's sunny and nice, he goes to work. He has worked with wood as long as I can remember, and with my Grandpa's company in the '80s, put the finishing touches on some spectacular churchouses. Here is a house in Orchard Knob, Chattanooga, where we wrestled a big heavy window into a slightly bigger hole in the wall. If you see him around town, he drives a red chevy truck that says "N. America 1st, Hire USA." He is 50 today. Happy Birthday, Dad.

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