Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dunedin: Edinburgh of the Pacific

This is a placeholder. My telegram now to you is this:
I have arrived. I can only tremble to think of relating the sheer wonder of the South Island to you. Fear not, it will be done. Having photos and audio and video, I will try and fail to show you all that has washed over me in the last 5 days. I have not rested since leaving Auckland. Last night was the first in a bedroom. I have seen fjords. Penguins. Sea lions. A thousand impossible plants and fungi and birds whose names I will never know. Land and sea in such precise proportions that they twine together to create a seamless path of wonder from one ocean to the next. I long to tell you the tale, but I must away. The mountains call again - you will receive the full account. It is autumn, and I lusted to eat of it.


  1. Eat my son eat!!

  2. hey, luke. it's grace gamble. this comment has to be anonymous because adding yet another account to my vast number of them would be quite superfluous, methinks. sounds like you're having an amazing time. that part of the world is baffling. i wasn't even familiar with it after having lived there for 4 months. nz and oz are quite similar, i can relate to the "tea" meals, the insane amts of "eh," etc. continue to enjoy yourself.

  3. M said...

    Hey Luke, I am excited for you to be on this adventure. Have a great time.

  4. Ground Essence
    George St, Central City, Dunedin

    fair trade coffee, roasted on site
    supposedly the best in Dunedin

    Tolkien's coffee elves wouldn't want you to wander through Fjordland deprived of hot caffeinated beverages.

    watch out for the keas!

  5. Sea lions!! What joy!! Blow one a kiss for me!! Your adventures sound incredible from my office desk of tediousness...I thought of you today because I start round 2 of physical therapy this afternoon. What luck. Maybe I'll make up a story to get through it, but it won't be as good as yours! Val and I had dinner last night and were recalling the beauty of the West and wonders we saw this spring. The trip seems more wonderful in my mind after every day that passes. How lucky we all were! Glad to see you are doing well! Miss you!

    All my Best,