Monday, February 9, 2009

Satellite love

Today was a five star day for motorcycling in Tennessee. At the end, a long rolling road back to Sewanee, and on it I raced bats and after-sunset shadows. A giant moon came up, cold bronze soaring through stick naked trees, chasing me. Remember that feeling? There was a straightaway, and it kept up. It played in my peripheral vision, passed me in the turns. A spectacular glow, the 'lesser light to rule the night.' (kjv) Earth has a satellite; earth is a satellite. Orbit is perpetual freefal into a gravity well, like a penny in a funnel. You go in circles. It takes tremendous speed to break out of this dip in the trampoline, the kinetic halo of moon, sun, earth, galaxy, cluster, infinitude (x). The moon is still following us - and thank god.

Man Must Explore by Stephen Alvarez

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